Maidi “rocket 22 consecutive victories and stronger” theory into the laughing stock of the green army world war I mean

6 years be Celtic curse be broken away, Hao take 23 consecutive victories, passion beyond rocket platoon to a second winning streak of the League standings. Five years ago, the rockets to play terminator-Celtic failed to continue the magic, tenacious defending champions, winning scores of tough defense and at a crucial moment, difficult fight against your competitors. This gold, I wonder if Tracy McGrady also believes that more rocket 22 consecutive victories that year did?
After the heat won the Toronto tournament, creating 22 consecutive victories when chasing rocket records, Tracy McGrady ESPN interview, interview, Tracy McGrady natural selection maintaining his position, he claimed that rockets is Yao Ming’s season claims case in the middle of the year, completed 22 consecutive victories, and that rocket can be configured without big three.
Tracy McGrady that comments did his right, of course, it is easy to see, and he wanted to without Yao, rockets but that year led by his one completed 22 consecutive victories. Such a heroic, big three seems to be hard to match.
Today, however, heat wins Green shirts, creating 23 consecutive victories, goes beyond after the rockets, Tracy McGrady that reason seems to have difficulty based. More important is, exactly, is Celtic ended the rockets winning streak that year, Tracy McGrady dzhafar has not crossed the Celts this hurdle, three giants away game but lost 11 consecutive opponents, and an opponent or arena of 15 consecutive victories, green played against Heaven show cases, defeated green shirt, a performance, Tracy McGrady can have nothing to say.
But in terms of schedule, heat 23 consecutive victories, 12 11 passengers, twice times the rocket arena is away, it is clear that the race better. More important is, facing the opponent. Heat 23 consecutive victories, against opponents, including Thunder, Bull and Nick such a tough team. In contrast, rockets opponents strength comparable to those a lot.
Of course, although at that time were Celtic end rocket is also bad. Celtic then at its peak, before against rockets, 53-13, ranks first in the East, and that season, they finally got his championship. Now, the heat faced the Celts, long claims, Garnett been ruled out, the team ranked seventh in the East. However, it is worth mentioning is that passion is behind 17 points, and green hit a career best performance turned out cases, tenacious reversal, it does make people admire.
Of course, if the heat continues to advance triumphantly, chaohu people 33 streak launch impact, even beyond, the rocket naturally has nothing comparable. Tracy McGrady and confident, will not heat of 33 consecutive victories, is also not as good as rocket of 22 consecutive victories. In any case, under the leadership of James, the heat already have the best period in history.

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Counting NBA black enrollment tips: Yin hand pad black feet under the roof under which hazard

NBA have rivers and Lakes is a Kung Fu, Ming gun hidden concealed attack difficult to defend against, or not see—
People floating in rivers and lakes, how can we not get knives, Lakers 92:96 no match for eagles game yesterday, the defensive back Bryant Eagles Defender Jones shooting, but purposely left foot mat at the foot of Bryant Jones, lead Bryant landed a serious sprain. This dangerous action, is contrary to the NBA arena rules. In the NBA, this killing enough to publish a book of the black tips.
“Entry-level” Yin under hand
Griffin faced murderous scheme
The sunflower valuable book is a top martial arts, but above all to “from the Gong Jing”, but this “Yin hand under” practice level is very low, certainly don’t need brandished a Palace, just under the basket to grab groin attack when rivals. This move is wounding, rather beneath contempt by NBA players.
This easy to learn, the only requirement is that the heart is ruthless enough. March 4 in competition in the arena of the Clippers no match for Thunder, Thunder Center ibaka and Griffin in the scramble for position under the basket, PK, ibaka completely lost because of power than the other, even hands grasping the Finnish arm of the case, or remove it from your own in front of screeching. Under desperating, ibaka heads making irrational moves: stretching out the right hand gave Griffin lower body a bit. Griffin pain immediately fell to toss, and ibaka won the competition for rebounding position.
This significant success, but short Board is two-fold: 1, after a short break in the other party may come back to punch you out. 2, extremely subtle difference, easy to eat technical foul. Ibaka immediately eat one-level flagrant foul, but after the game, malicious foul up at the federal level to the second-level flagrant foul, and to a fine of $ 25,000.
“Master level” mat black feet
Mat black feet at greatest risk
As its name implies, this is the opponent take off after the shooting, while the opponents were still in the air has not landed before, put their foot on the placement of the other side, let the other stepped on their feet when the landing, resulting in his ankle. Because this injury to players great and even destroy careers, coupled with opponents shooting without physical contact, and will not be blowing fouls. The darkest and most contemptible of tricks on the rivers and lakes.
Put after Bryant’s jump shot was no solution? Anthony remove anti-helicopter live? Okay, if this moves, you not only against each other, or even let the other end for now, or even a permanent end.
Because after the players hand in the air, the body is in a relaxed state, if the landing step on defensive player on the foot, ankle injury probability can be called 100%. Because the leg is basketball player’s life, this type of injury can ruin an NBA player’s athletic career. “Dirty and dangerous action, such action is not part of the game. “Yesterday, when you own this movement, referring to Jones, Bryant said. This is also his jielun·luosi in the 2000 finals was Pacers “black feet” after sprain, ankle suffered the most serious injuries. For the Lakers who is hitting the playoffs, Bryant injured undoubtedly made worse.
Once Spurs defensive HANJIANG bulusi·baowen defensive feet when Carter led the Carter injury. After two attempted BARMA overcast enrollment again after they met again, furious rush the audience chased Mr BARMA, violently beat Carter. 2000 NBA Finals, Bryant’s shooting were Pacers jielun·luosi mat black foot, Bryant caused serious ankle injuries, even almost changed the end result of the finals that year.
“Master class” under the top plate
Yao ming has repeatedly caught
This is common in inner antagonism and defense when opponent when shooting or jumping competition for rebounds, on top of the opponent on the waist or legs, cause the opponent losing position in the air, that shot don’t grab rebounds or dropped. This very high proportion, often escape the referee’s eyes. At the same time, as likely to cause the other to lose balance and fall injuries, destruction is enormous.
NBA competition heated quickly, once the players after the jump, any forces that may cause the player to lose positions, plus top opponents waist or legs of exception that strong, the solution being used by many NBA players or even a superstar Sir—the legendary Defender Stockton and genteel, but often without the ball away from the opponent before the defense, with his knee before top rivals, starting at the ball. First come out of the defense, because the physical destruction to rivals, to get more than one bargained for; Garnett is also using this master, yaowei often used when, because of their skill, very deep, almost not found by the magistrate, so allowing NBA players to their full of spite. Once for the internal NBA player “who play the dirty” survey, Garnett is ranked second. Howard play against Nuggets game at the end of last year, while in another striker Fareed jumping dunk over directly, Fareed sideways fell a long time, and Howard had to eat to the second-level flagrant foul is immediate suspension. Similar to the mass brawl that is thrown because a malicious foul, NBA game is endless.

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Bryant challenging three-Wei in section 20 feet ahead alone after departure

Los Angeles Lakers away one defeat in Atlanta Hawks game, Bryant cut off 31 points in 31 shooting grab 7 rebounds to send out 5 assists, sections III single cut 20 minutes and let the home crowd revolt, however he missed key ball equalized the score in the last minute, but also because Wei feet straight into the locker room without the end of the competition.
The Lakers ‘ recent four consecutive victories return to the location of the top eight in the West, Kobe is killing the Quartet or even two games in a row and cut down 40+10. Yesterday, the magic, Howard broke out, Bryant also slightly rest breaks for opportunities. In today’s game, Bryant again on attack mode, the first half and only outbreak of 3 cases of the second half and cut down 28 points, but helpless last minute dropped, unfortunately lost.
Bryant-14 shooting yesterday, only 11 points, after the match he admitted physical exhaustion, the match also in pain. Today the first match may be continuous high intensity game consumed too much energy, Bryant’s offensive end still could not find touch, shooting all beat the first 6. However, Bryant’s abilities are also very strong, in cases with no feeling, he began to assume the burden of organization team attack, first sent out 4 assists.
Kobe Bryant in the second quarter and a personal desire to attack is still not strong enough, both ends of the Court are received, move noticeably slower than before on the field a lot. Near half court at the end, former seven-time shot beat Bryant finally get clear defense bothering dribblers hits eighth individual attack. Halftime when the final attack, Bryant caused strong outburst inside opponents foul, but hit only one of two penalty basket. After halftime, Bryant 8 shots in only 1, only 3 points.
Who knows, halftime only 3 points Bryant is not really a Kobe, Heemann deliberately hiding out before the bus attack. Sure enough, the third section, the omnipotence of Bryant is back, half of the third section, heimanba finally reveals bloody fangs, single-section cut down 20 points to lead the Lakers caught up with the score.
Near the end of the three when you have 3 minutes 50 seconds, Bryant after continuous attack Dick of dribbling, an accelerated directly out the defense of his Ivan-Johnson, and difficult left hand-for-hand bothering dribblers and hit at the same time also causes opponent fouls, complete the domineering “2+1″. At this time, the Eagle arena is boiling, many wearing a Bryant Jersey Lakers fans began to stand up and shout “MVP! MVP! “Bryant against heaven will soon let the fans crazy, Phillips Arena in Atlanta seems to have become at the Staples Center.
The last section, resting back on stage after Bryant feeling began to decline. He also has about three minutes near the end of the game three times in a row when attacks dropped, which is planted, sowed for the Lakers ‘ final failure. Although he is near the end of the game also hit hard with less than 20 seconds three Lakers once seen tilting Pan hope. However, when the final attack, he missed the track to equalized the score a goal. In this attack, when Bryant landed also snagged in the US-Jones feet, Wei ankle injuries, he hasn’t finished alone in the context of the match went back into the locker room, the Lakers finally lost a game.

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The fun of watching the Lakers out of luck are fans

With Bryant, Gasol, Steve Nash and Howard four names of the Los Angeles Lakers, from the beginning of the season, went walking difficult. After the fifth game of the opening quarter, first fired the previous head coach Mike Brown, and now also the end of the season more than a month away, and only now, barely squeezing into the top eight Western. It would be like with a bunch of high parts and the engine car, like the classic car run was disappointing.
Why become like this? Why, thought provoking. Of course, the reason will not be a single, but multiple. Why the Lakers at this point, in addition to external factors, and more, are our reasons.
First, when the season began, Howard’s injury hasn’t been all good, lightly in the army. Until now, Warcraft’s situation is not very stable, the Lakers a few generals were wounded fighting, and after Howard came to the Lakers, the team on the operational policy has been some volatility. The first time, coach Mike Brown wanted him to win the ball in the hope of advantage inside one then beat, but crashed into Nash’s injury, led after the first five Lakers behaved badly, Brown was fired, the team had to change a new policy, and that tone has not come up. See the Lakers playing, just like a network card, do not shun was angry.
Furthermore, Deribas boss before the start of the season, an individual’s health problems have been saying, I lost patience, fired Brown. After five games in the opening quarter on fire a coach, which is very rare in the history of the NBA, but players and coaches have a huge dispute, or are too impatient, but Lakers are doing. This allows the replace it with a new coach the Lakers, you must do to adapt to the new game, but added the wounded soldiers, new coach deandongni overnight and turning defeat into victory.
Many fans will feel that does not change the previous “Zen master” is Phil Jackson Lakers flop. But, in fact, seen in the prevailing circumstances, the Lakers did not find Jackson’s reasons, as being related not only to change coaches after spending more problems, as a whole the internal struggle of the Buss family. Jackson then “wife’s or mother’s relatives sorrow”, and demand more and greater power team, which in the eyes of the current bass family boss, jimu·BASI, was not of risk tolerance. So choosing a Bryant deandongni acceptable, and does performance become an inevitable choice. If assertion status to deandongni no, it is not fair to say.
Three are Lakers injury continues, State has been laid for the team unpredictable variables, but the biggest problem is that Gasol and Howard don’t deserve, ext hard to form one and one’s combat strength. The Lakers inside players is difficult to trust, it is difficult to trust is the result of Kobe Bryant are the one to, it becomes a vicious circle. Fortunately, Bryant’s personal status this year is a personal best in recent years, especially in the attack was vicious, and more diverse. But even so, now only managed to edge the Lakers into the playoffs, wanted to fight for the throne with someone else, seeing this season is unlikely. Never got into one of the best offensive and defensive teams, since that is the Lakers to a season, has been bringing fans the impression.
In the last several games, although the Lakers winning streak, but win very reluctantly, had to rely on Bryant’s Kamui won down and away from the end of the season more than a month, it was on their road to the playoffs is filled with questions. If not jueshidui their sickly, the Lakers have tensed a little, is not to be lost in order to enter the playoffs. In the playoffs, can’t say no chance of baoleng, but a real possibility is low, can only hope that next season, reorganized, and then wait for new changes.
Giants team up, is that many fans “loved” as a result. Now look at the Lakers struggled on the top eight in the Western line, compared to crowns, fans fear that another pleasure. On the basketball court are not all are one and one is two, and may often be less than two or more than two. To the Lakers this bunch of people, theoretically speaking shouldn’t be in this pair of virtues, and they’re like this, in addition to mixed Western is inherently bad, and teams for their own crisis management has not dealt with, this is the biggest problem. This also teaches us a lesson: integration of teams, can melt into a team is far more important than the size of the star players, the Lakers this year is undoubtedly the best example. But Dragon trapped Bank, when they found the way, and they are pretty scary, but who knows when will appear?

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Lin Shuhao finished 11+4 old and wounded distal suffered again rocket explosion

Lin Shuhao is habitual in the doldrums, the entire match, 5 shooting third, 11 points 4 assists, is even worse, the fourth section he was delajiqi off the mark in a row at a crucial moment, or even six-foul out, smaller Nash last 4 minutes alone scored 11 points, ending the rockets.
After the team beat the Warriors game, maikehaier praised Lin Shuhao again, and that his trust was the team’s starting controlled Wei. Lin Shuhao, maishuai or stick has always been patient and given enough credit. This is essential for Lin Shuhao, should know that volatility is Lin Shuhao biggest sticking point of the season, if the head coach because one or several underperforming chose discarded, I am afraid that Lin Shuhao had already faded out the team lineup.
From this level, Lin Shuhao does meet one of the prospective employer. Lin Shuhao trust, of course, does not mean that Lin Shuhao have absolutely showed up with time, once the poor performance, no help to the team, maikehaier is determined to be replaced. Today, in the face of the Sun, Lin Shuhao jumps several times passing errors, did not prejudge the teammate of positioning, resulting in breakthrough encounters after package folder, select hesitated when the ball, passing errors. Section III marked a breakthrough for bothering dribblers, after an offensive foul by Scola manufacture, maikehaier once again be replaced in advance, the second half was less than 5 minutes.
However, while frequent mistakes, it does not say that Lin Shuhao on hard enough, but that’s not true. On the defensive end, to teammate Lin Shuhao often loudly remind stations, and defending positive he didn’t even fight again to the wounded. Delajiqi ready to jump shot near the bottom line at a time, outside line Lin Shuhao killed immediately rushed over, are, unfortunately, delajiqi had been ready from the jump shot, his elbow hit Lin Shuhao face. The result, mysabre lip was broken now, insist on following the opportunity of being replaced, and quickly take lip wound.
However, it is worth mentioning that, even though today Lin Shuhao can say flat, but in the delajiqi, three before he was dominant. Be swapped before the end, Lin Shuhao contributed 9 points 4 assists, and delajiqi is only 5 ‘ 2 assists performance. After the fourth section re-entry, Lin Shuhao in delajiqi first recorded surge on a jump shot.
However, the fourth section before being maishuaixue reservoir is weak because the defense, Lin Shuhao defended today, still a lot of problems, boring most of the delajiqi have 3 minutes left in the fourth section, continuous out of Lin Shuhao defense, breaking the bothering dribblers, plus the jump shot got by emergency stop key 6. Before the final 11.1 seconds, cheated on Lin Shuhao delajiqi shooting fouls, did not expect is that this turned out to be Lin Shuhao today’s sixth foul, and thus he season of the second six-foul out. Today accused Wei of weakness once again became the main reason of rockets lose.

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I and handsome praising Bryant, there is no conflict between moral defense Warcraft

The Lakers beat the bulls in the earlier match, Howard’s outstanding the game got 16 minutes and 21 rebounds, and 4 cover, his effort at the defensive end was the Lakers the win key.
After the match both the media and the deandongni have told Howard that commends, Warcraft, it says, “when you’re winning, everyone is happy.
The Lakers the next team challenge, the magic on Wednesday, Howard is looking forward to take a look at his house in Orlando.
Howard referring to himself and Bryant is improving chemical reactions, said, “I drank some wine was vino, it really helped me.
For himself and Kobe Bryant’s role, Warcraft responded: “I’m going to do is what I do best, defensive rebounds, no conflict between us.
When he was asked about the chances of winning this year, Howard said: “we have a good opportunity, we believe we are, and we believe in this team.
After the game deandongni also paid tribute to the monster. “Dwight was feeling better now. “Deandongni referred to ruling-class performance of Howard on the defensive end (Warcraft 4 cover):” he is incredibly active on the scene, he got every rebound, undermine his rival’s pick and roll. “Deandongni claims to be the Lakers ‘ key to winning.
In addition, since Gasol was injured after Tsu WPI has been the big striker, deandongni also praised Tzu Chi WPI buziol Claudio’s defense. Subsequently, the deandongni also said they need Gasol back.

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Wade a 360 degree turn tracing back the best State meet, bothering dribblers + fan playoffs

Wade State also continued, opening today sent startling Star hat, half a 360 degree turn bothering dribblers, reproduce the ecstatica, contributing 22 points 4 assists 3 steals he was humiliated, continue to work together to play James team’s carriage and pair, continue winning streak. Adjusted to an optimal state of The Flash has been ready for the playoffs.
After February madness, Wade has completely recovered his best form. Early season, had just emerged from knee surgery to Wade, satisfactory, results could not resist a mocking mouth Buckley, said he had fixed the old, explosive force of the past 3 seasons and also could not find any more. However, Wade, he has to do is hit your ball, the status will come sooner or later.
So once he said to James, in February I will find the best State, sure enough, in February as a whole became a crazy month Wade. Only three games he scored less than 20 points. Entered in March, Wade had completely recovered the injured themselves in front of the past five 20+, the only embarrassment he is, three points had not been opened.
Today, he doused three only hit once, results remained, but 6 no consecutive three measly, does not hide the good status of Wade. Beginning, Wade showed himself valiant defense by much free ball before teammate Wright, a vast expanse of land, Wright held his breath, attention, eyes only basket, adjust the pace to best tend to shoot, ready to hand, however The Flash xiecili out at this time, one cover big caps fan delight for a long time have not been slow to God.
While stocks last surprise star caps, the second half he was again working together James, into a carriage and pair of heat. Half high hit three of the 76 people, let them once leading score. However, Janeway soon joined hands, reversing the situation. Section III, Wade run 8 minutes, one more James line are the most beautiful. James’s high throw them, the bottom line around double defense starts with 76 people Wade, he is seen after a turn and off the Turner, then a turn hook hits. The two companies, and is almost 360 degrees.
After its end, James wave flow helps heat off the difference, then he gave leadership to Wade. After the Flash, the game, preserved the lead with ease. A ground-breaking, he was even three people, signs fans trace reproduce the rivers and lakes. Last time, his time is about 1 minute, and even sent two steals, steals twice pouring out 76 people remaining winning confidence.
Wade, have clearly prepared for the playoffs has done the best, now he said himself, the only hope is to be able to stay healthy. Indeed, at present, only the heat injuries in order to prevent the Commission of terrorist.

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Nielsen responded Warcraft mocking expression: he doesn’t like an adult

Howard said yesterday in an interview on Los Angeles television station, said that his former team-mates are not team players, today, has worked with him into the magic, magic guard Jameel-Nielsen effect for 9 years to hit back at his speech.
Nielsen questioned the professionalism of Howard, and said that he needed to say for themselves responsible.
“At some point, you (Howard) when as an adult, when will you professional, responsible and away from the media? “Nielsen following the shootaround today, said in an interview.
“I’ve always been reluctant to comment on my own or my teammate’s comments to respond to, once the core players of our team, we have had very good results (2009 into the final), he was also a part of the team. And he want to say negative things, he said.
“It is his point of view. If he wanted to, that would make him think so.
Once, Nelson and Howard are very close, they were in 2004 in the first round were selected, joining magic. But their relationship in Howard publicly said he wanted to talk to the League’s top Defender (like Paul) after the play with cracks.
Magic General Manager Otis Smith-Howard before “dropping Nielsen”.
In addition, the former magic player Rashad-Lewis also stepped in to respond, he said Howard was “indecent”.
“Do more or be rude to say, we helped Dwight became to him to be the kind of player,” Lewis said, “we had a very good experience. Hey, look at those banners that hang from the ceiling (district champions, champions in the East). They may not say Dwight-Howard in their above…… “
In 2009, when Howard, Lewis and Crawford, Jamal-Nielsen lead the magic into finals.
Lewis said that everyone on the magic team at that time are very good friends, he said Howard and Nelson is best, he said Nelson entered the finals of the team is to help a guy, even if Nielsen was injured.
Prior to this, Nielsen also hit back at the Howard, he said Howard should be responsible for saying what I said.
On Tuesday, the Lakers will visit magic, this is the first time since Howard deal back to the magic at home.

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Trainer uncovers the Bryant story: at 4 o’clock in the morning to practice physical fitness then put in 800 goals

A trainer named Robert last summer were invited to Las Vegas to attend United States training camp work, he shared a story on reddit, a story about Kobe began to train in the early hours.
The following is what he posted on reddit:
My name is Robert, was a trainer. I have just registered a Reddit account because I have recently seen many Bryant dunk video with your comments for dunk, so I decided maybe I could say what I knew of Bryant. But I would like to say that this article did not refer to things we don’t know, but can see Bryant in the training of non-human-like performance.
I went there last summer were invited to Las Vegas United States crew trainer, and Anthony and Wade before I trained, and that was my first time and Bryant have exchanges. We in the United States three days before the team practiced for the first time met, that was trained for the first time in early July. I have a simple chat with him for a training situation, what he wanted at the end of the summer has come to the State, and so on. And then I gave him a number, I told him if he wanted to do more training, he can come to me at any time.
Training the night before for the first time, I remember lying in bed watching Casablanca, then at 3 o’clock in the morning. When I lay on the bed over to go to sleep, cell phone suddenly rang, is Bryant came, I nervously picked it up.
“Hey, Rob, I hope I’m not bothering you.
“No, Kob, what happened?
“Just wanted to know if you can help me do some physical training, that’s all.
I looked at the time, was 4:15 A.M.. “Certainly, will meet in the training Hall.
It took me about 20 minutes to get some equipment and walked out of the hotel, of course, when you go to the gym, I saw Kobe Bryant. He was the only one person, and his sweat was soaking her clothes, just like just swim swimming. Then got in at 5 o’clock in the morning.
Our 1 hour 15 minutes did some physical training, and then we entered the room, he did a lot in the next 45 minutes of strength training. After we separated, he returned to the training Hall to shoot, and I back to the hotel, I’m bent over, Wow!
At 11 o’clock in the morning I once again to a training Hall, when I awoke still drowsy, almost didn’t sleep as before. It would like to thank Kobe, I ate a piece of bread and then went to the gym.
The next thing I still remember very clearly, all United States players, practiced for the first time feels good. If I remember right, General talking and Anthony, k-coach and Kevin Durrant explains something. Training Hall of the another paragraph, Bryant a person practicing the jump shot. And then I walk past patted him on the back and said: “trained very well this morning.
“Physical training, doing a very good job.
“Oh, Yes, thank you Rob, I am thankful.
“When will you end?
“What end?
“End of your shooting training, when you leave the training Hall?
“Oh, just, I should like to into 800 balls, so have just before dropping out.
My jaw fell off, my gosh. At that time, I was not as efficient as last season he unexpectedly. I am he was 10 years younger than me are not accidents, he could in the early season lead the scoring was.

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Rocket formal signing Brooks small black beans three years later to return to sue city

According to Yahoo Sports expert Adrian-wonaluosiji reported that the rocket finally reached an agreement with Brooks, will formally recall the rockets veteran. Yesterday, the small clarifying periods officially end, rocket was also the first time Brooks negotiated the conditions.
It is learned that Brooks ‘ contract will be signed tomorrow, the contract includes a team option for next season. On Saturday, Brooks reached a buyout agreement with King, because it was reached before the deadline on March 1 player after quarter of qualifications, thus, if rockets kill into the playoffs, Brooks has qualified to represent the rocket competition.
Last summer, after leaving the CBA, Brooks told the King signed a 2-year $ 6.6 million contract, played 21 minutes this season, could earn 8 points. However, the King decided to increase the appearance of young controlled weituomasi and fuleidete time, making small spaces are getting smaller in the team.
2007 rocket first round 26th in line elected to Brookes, and after that, he in effect had three and a half season, 2009-10 season, small played last season for the rockets, as well as the best performance of his career, 19.6 points 5.3 assists. On the playoffs, so far the screen he aggressive Lakers have been rockets fans relish. But afterwards, the rockets established Lowry’s starting status, small pieces were sent to the Sun. A halt last season, he went to the CBA, returned to the NBA last summer, thanks to a King.
Arrival of Brooks, will undoubtedly enhance the rockets controlled satellite location on the thickness of the bench. Meanwhile, the younger Bush is only 28 years old, called when the years of playing this season are 8-point performance, complement the rocket is also very good. Of course, the arrival of the younger Bush, bringing competition to control satellite location, incentive Lin Shuhao might as well put up a better performance, of course, his playoff experience is probably the reason why the rockets recalled him.
But there is a worry is that the younger Bush was too sticky balls, like the manner of ball playing alone, can make him into this team now, presumably this is Mike Haier to resolve the first issue.

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